What is ThermiVa and how is it similar or different from labiaplasty?

ThermiVa has been featured on the Doctor’s Show and is becoming very popular. Before jumping into the details for ThermiVa, we would like to make the major distinctions between the two.

ThermiVa: Non-Surgical, Shrinks Tissue and Skin, Tightens Vaginal Canal, Shrinks Labia Majora, Helps with Incontinence, Enhances Orgasms.

Labiaplasty: Cosmetic Surgery, Labia Minora Removal, Labia Majora Excision, No Vaginal Canal Tightening, No Help with Incontinence.

Summary: Labiaplasty is your only option if you have large labia majora and long or irregular labia minora. ThermiVa is your best option if you need vaginal rejuvenation and not interested or not a candidate for surgery. ThermiVa also treats vaginal dryness, mild incontinence and mild prolapse.

Now that we have clarified that ThermiVa is Non-Surgical and Labiaplasty is surgical, we can proceed and introduce how this new radio-frequency device has revolutionized cosmetic and reconstructive gynecology.

The Benefits of ThermiVa:

1.  Vaginal Looseness: will firm up the vaginal canal and opening.

2.  Labial Looseness: will shrink the labial tissues and reduce “Camel Toes.”

3.  Vaginal Dryness: will generate moisture both internally and externally.

4.  Mild to Moderate Incontinence: will reduce leakage and accidents.

5.  Sexual and Orgasmic Dysfunction: will result in heightened sensitivity, stronger muscle contraction, and faster orgasms.

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