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Red Alinsod, MD

8201 Preston Road, Suite 520

Dallas TX

75225 United States



Dr. Alinsod practices in CA and TX

Irvine, CA Office:

16300 Sand Canyon, Suite 800

Irvine, CA 92618

Tel: 949-499-5311

Dr. Red Alinsod has been a pioneering vaginal surgeon in this past decade. He was one of the first surgeons in the United States to perform minimally invasive transobturator slings for incontinence, originated and developed the first uterine suspension approach done through the vagina without any abdominal scars, developed and obtained the patent for a sling with bladder support, invented the Ascend Pelvic Support System marketed by Caldera Medical, designed the shapes of Restorelle Mesh for Mpathy Medical, developed the Lone Star APS retractor (the most popular vaginal retractor in the world), developed the Alinsod UROGYN Scissors, invented and developed the Advanced Infusion Alinsod Pain Catheter System and Alinsod Labial Cathether System. Perhaps even more important for the art and science of Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery is Dr. Alinsod’s pioneering use of Ellman radiofrequency, or RF, in labial and vaginal surgery. The surgical device, known as the Ellman SurgiMax, has enabled him to do precision excisions and resurfacing to a level of unheard of accuracy. The Ellman is 10x more precise than any surgical laser and uses radio waves with its cool tip to gently resculpt vulvar tissues to achieve the desired appearance in a safe and minimally traumatic manner. Working closely with Ellman, Dr. Alinsod has perfected his approach and techniques, and has developed unique solutions to complex gynecologic issues in vulvovaginal surgery. Dr. Alinsod and his Alinsod Institute of Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery are exceptionally proud of the Aesthetic Vaginal Surgeons he has taught and mentored listed on the pages of and Drs. Tom Easter, Oscar Aguirre, Edward Jacobson, Otto Placik, Martin Naughton, Elizabeth Hutson, Michael Safir, and Stefan Smajda all bring stellar surgical skills and accomplished training into their practices. Dr. Alinsod has passed on his years of experience and surgical pearls to these and many more surgeons in the past decade of his active teaching.

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