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Igor Martinek, MD

Grand Rue 3


1820 Switzerland



Dr. Igor Emmanuel Martinek is a Swiss Board Certified Obstetrics and gynaecology surgeon. His training includes a 2 year fellowship in Surgery for women's cancers at the Oxford Cancer Centre. He is still closely linked with this academic centre in England. Dr. Martinek currently practices at the world renowned Clique La Prairie and is affiliated with several other clinics in the area region, including Clinique Cecil & La Source Lausanne, and Clinique CIC. Dr. Martinek has founded the Swiss Women's Clinic, an international institution dedicated to women’s health, wellbeing and beauty. He is also the inventor of several surgical instruments. Consultant in Gynaecology & Obstetrics Honorary Fellow at Oxford Cancer Centre Gynaecological surgeon, special interest in minimally invasive surgery Medical director and founder of Swisssurgical (Conception & Development of surgical devices) Switzerland Founder of Permagyn Swiss practice Switzerland : Clinique La Prairie, Montreux; Clinique Cecil & La Source Lausanne UK practice : Harley Street & NHS Oxford Cancer Centre Gynaecological Aesthetics, AAOCG member

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