Labia surgery, also referred to as labia reduction is a highly specialized procedure to enhance and reduce the size of the labia minora.  Dr. Red Alinsod has developed and pioneered many innovative techniques in this newly evolving field of cosmetic labia surgery and is happy to offer these services to his patients and train fellow physicians interested in adding this procedure to their practice.  Here you will find answers to your questions regarding all aspects of labia surgery.
As a reconstructive pelvic surgeon, Dr. Alinsod has the distinct advantage and experience, unlike plastic surgeons, to tackle the most difficult vaginal surgeries. Unlike a general plastic surgeon or a gynecologist, a urogynecologist emphasizes training in vaginal / vulvar surgical procedures.

The main purpose of performing labiaplasty is to reduce the size and reshape the external labia.  Labia surgery is not the same as vaginoplasty.  Labial unevenness or large labia may cause physical discomfort or embarrassment. This surgery will correct these issues.

Most labial cosmetic surgery can be performed in the office in an outpatient setting.  All physicians listed on this website are trained by or recommended by Dr. Red Alinsod.
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concerns.  We welcome all of your inquires.

Whether you have just heard about labia surgery or have been considering it for some time now, you probably have a few questions or concerns regarding this specialized labia reduction and rejuvenation surgery.  Please review our question and answer section as it contains many helpful facts regarding the surgery you are about to experience or just learn about.

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Before and after photos of labiaplasty will not only help you decide on which doctor is best for you but also will show you what to expect after surgery.  See if labiaplasty surgery is right for you? Click Here


Dr. Red Alinsod
Laguna Beach, CA

Dr. Bernard Stern, MD
Aventura, FL


Dr. Otto J. Placik, MD
Chicago, IL

Dr.Edward Jacobson , MD
Greenwich, CT

Dr. Troy Robbin Hailparn , MD
San Antonio, TX

Dr. Stefan Smajda, MD

Dr. Elizabeth Hutson, MD
Carson City/Reno, NV


Dr. Michael Safir, MD
Beverly Hills/West Hills, CA

Dr. Robert Rho, MD
New York City, NY


Dr. Lyn Lam, MD
Kamuela, HI

Dr Kyle MathewsDr. Kyle Mathews, MD
Plano, TX


Dr Hardwick-SmitDr. Susan Hardwick-Smith, MD
Houston, TX


Dr Eser AgarDr. Eser Agar, MD


Dr Eser AgarDr. Igor Emmual Martinel, MD, FMH

United Kingdom

Dr Hardwick-SmitDr. Wesley Anne Brady, MD
Dallas, TX

Dr Hardwick-SmitDr. Anthony Nazaroff, MD
Sierra Vista, AZ

Dr Les BlackstockDr. Les Blackstock, MD